Calls for project partners

Europa Universalis: One Week Intensive Course

Europa Universalis working group, bringing together academics from Charles University, Sorbonne University and University of Warsaw, is searching for partners mainly from Heidelberg University, University of Copenhagen and University of Milan to cooperate in the series of intensive seminars for BA and MA students named One Week Intensive Course (OWIC). The course is designed to be a place for experimentation and pedagogical innovations, disciplinary or interdisciplinary exchanges, and debates. The participants focused mainly on the first OWIC which will be held in Prague in March 2020 with the central topic “Revolts and Revolutions”. The other one is planned for Warsaw in Autumn 2020 (theme “European Cities. Heritage and Cultural Identity”).

General overview of OWIC

OWIC: Revolts and Revolutions

For more information about “Europa Universalis” and to express interest in joining the project team, please contact Dr Jerzy Pysiak, Faculty of History, University of Warsaw: .

Plurality of Memories in Europe in a Global Perspective

“Plurality of Memories in Europe in a Global Perspective” started as an interdisciplinary project developed by scholars in the fields of history, literature, political science and sociology from four universities of the Alliance: Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University and the University of Warsaw. It aims to create a European pole of excellence in memory studies by encouraging students’ and scholars’ collaboration and mobility between the 6 universities of the 4EU+ Alliance. The project’s vision is to bring together students, doctoral candidates and academics from all six 4EU+ Alliance universities and to become a hub for both junior and senior researchers examining the conflicting memories of violence.

The project’s goal is to develop two-folded cooperation between 4EU+ partner universities:

  • Education: designing joint courses and summer/winter schools dealing with memory studies in a multidisciplinary perspective, combining history, sociology, political science, literature, etc.

  • Research: co-organising scientific workshops and conferences with joint research application and publications as a coveted outcome.

The project’s main focus areas include the cultural and social memory, politics of memory, memory of mass violence and conflicting memories in Europe and beyond, as the project seeks to adopt a global perspective. It is developed as part of Flagship 2: Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages.

“Plurality of Memories” kick-off meeting took place at the University of Warsaw on 11 March 2019, during which the project team decided to develop and organise a winter school (for Master’s and PhD students) on memory studies in Warsaw in early February 2020. The next project meeting is planned for September 2019 in Warsaw.

Contact and more information

If you would like to join the project team or simply be kept updated on the project developments, please register here.

For further information and to get in contact with the project coordinator, please send an email to .

Smart cities for ageing societies

“Smart cities for ageing societies” is an interdisciplinary project developed by academics working in the fields of geography, regional studies, humanities and economic sciences from Charles University, Heidelberg University and the University of Warsaw (coordinating institution). It aims to contribute to the enhancement of participation of the elderly in the local community by building an international team studying research problems related to ageing population in the rapidly developing metropolitan environments. Find out more

For more information about the “Smart cities for ageing societies” project and to express interest in joining the project team, please contact Dr Anna NiciƄska (Project Coordinator, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw): [email protected].